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TCP Bond Progamme 

Touchstone is embarking on a substantial financial initiative by utilizing its current project portfolios and cash flows to establish a comprehensive $50 billion USD bond program. The initial offering includes $2.5 billion USD in convertible bonds with a 5-year maturity period and a guaranteed 7% interest rate, supported by an AA+ rating and government bonds.

These bonds are collateralized by over $1 billion USD in existing cash flow receivables, with the potential to grow to $3 billion USD in the next three years. The project portfolios encompass various sectors, such as supply chain finance, producing mines, near-producing mines, and promising scaled mining projects. These assets are consolidated into a platform to facilitate the bond program, with the primary focus on equity investment in a single project. Notably, bond fund investors have the opportunity to convert their bonds into shares of the Touchstone platform, aligning their interests with the company's strategic business development and expansion plans.

Furthermore, additional bond funding will be allocated to support diverse platforms including New Energy, Supply Chain, Healthcare, New Technology, and Agriculture. This multifaceted approach underscores Touchstone's commitment to innovation and growth across various sectors, backed by substantial financial resources.

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