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About Touchstone Trade Finance 

Touchstone Capital Group Holdings Limited offers a comprehensive trading finance program that leverages its trading platforms in Hong Kong and Dubai to provide clients with working capital. This working capital is designed to support trading opportunities and facilitate the expansion of business production.

Programme Highlights

  1. Working Capital Support: Touchstone's trading finance program is specifically tailored to provide clients with the working capital they need to seize trading opportunities and drive business growth. This capital can be used for various purposes, including purchasing inventory, covering operational expenses, and expanding production capacity.

  2. Global Presence: With trading platforms in key financial centers like Hong Kong and Dubai, Touchstone is strategically positioned to assist clients in conducting international trade and accessing global markets. This presence enables clients to tap into diverse trading opportunities.

  3. Customized Solutions: Touchstone works closely with clients to understand their unique financial requirements. The trading finance solutions provided are customized to address each client's specific needs, trade cycles, and risk profiles.

  4. Production Expansion: In addition to facilitating day-to-day trading activities, the working capital provided by Touchstone can be directed toward expanding business production. Clients can use these funds to invest in equipment, expand facilities, and increase production capacity.

  5. Risk Management: Risk mitigation is a central component of Touchstone's trading finance program. The company employs risk management strategies to monitor and mitigate the potential risks associated with trading, ensuring the safety of the invested capital.

  6. Access to Advanced Platforms: Touchstone's trading platforms in Hong Kong and Dubai offer clients access to a wide range of financial resources, market data, and trading tools. This access empowers clients to make well-informed trading decisions.



Getting Started:

Clients interested in accessing Touchstone's trading finance program can connect with the company's financial experts. A personalized financial solution will be developed to meet the client's specific needs, whether it involves short-term working capital requirements or long-term growth financing.

At Touchstone Capital Group Holdings Limited, the commitment is to empower clients by providing them with the financial resources and support necessary to seize trading opportunities, expand their businesses, and achieve their financial objectives.


For more information or to initiate a discussion, please contact Touchstone's dedicated team.


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