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Overview Of Supply Chain Finance Programme

Touchstone Capital Group introduces a Supply Chain Finance Programme to address global liquidity shortages, supporting industries in fortifying their cash flow. This program aims to empower businesses by providing strategic financial assistance, enabling them to overcome short-term liquidity challenges and fostering long-term expansion. Touchstone offers funding ranging from $10 million to $100 million USD, aligning with local rates, and incorporating features like deep discounts and exclusive product rights. The initiative includes a structured repayment mechanism through an escrow account, ensuring a secure and comprehensive solution for industry growth. more info 

Food Industry Area

Supply Chain Finance serves as a valuable tool for the food industry, including commodities like sugar, corn, and others. This financial strategy focuses on optimizing upstream working capital by streamlining the flow of funds within the supply chain. It allows businesses to efficiently manage cash flow, ensuring timely payments to suppliers and fostering financial stability. By providing a mechanism for accessing working capital, Supply Chain Finance contributes to the resilience and growth of the food industry's upstream operations.

Mining and Others

Summary of Supply Chain Finance in Mining Upstream Operations:

Supply Chain Finance proves advantageous for the mining sector, covering activities such as copper, coal, bauxite, and more. This financial approach optimizes upstream operations by facilitating efficient working capital management. Through streamlined financial processes, Supply Chain Finance enables timely payments and financial stability, contributing to the resilience and growth of mining activities.

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