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Touchstone Portfolios 

Resources , Supply Chain Finance , Digital Asset

Land Mining

Resources Portfolios 

Touchstone Resources' portfolios are strategically designed to combine environmentally friendly development with the exploitation of ready and matured projects in the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. The approach includes methods such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and capital increases to participate in projects. Moreover, the use of one-stop insurance wraps and corporate and bank guarantees serves to mitigate risks for investors, enhancing the attractiveness of long-term investments. Here are the key elements of this strategy:

  1. Environmental Sustainability: The focus on environmentally friendly development reflects a commitment to responsible and sustainable resource utilization. This approach aligns with global efforts to reduce the environmental impact of extractive industries.

  2. Matured Projects: Targeting mature projects minimizes the risks typically associated with early-stage ventures. These projects are closer to generating returns, which can be appealing to investors seeking a more predictable investment profile.

  3. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): M&A activities can be an effective way to gain access to existing projects, acquire established assets, and consolidate resources. This approach can facilitate the efficient development and management of these projects.

  4. Capital Increase: By increasing capital, Touchstone Resources can actively participate in project development, potentially accelerating growth and expansion, and strengthening their role in these projects.

  5. Risk Mitigation: The use of one-stop insurance wraps and corporate and bank guarantees is intended to provide investors with protection against potential losses. This added layer of security can make long-term investments more attractive.

  6. Long-Term Investment: The focus on mitigating high risks implies that Touchstone Resources is committed to delivering stable and sustainable returns over the long term. This aligns with investors seeking both financial returns and risk mitigation.

  7. Deep Due Diligence: Emphasizing "deep due diligence by recorded industry players" underscores the importance of thorough research and evaluation of potential investments. This approach is essential to assess project viability, environmental impacts, and overall risk profiles.

This strategy combines business growth with risk mitigation and responsible resource management. It's a holistic approach that recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility and the need for financial security in the extractive industries. Investors in such portfolios can expect a focus on sustainability and long-term value creation.

Supply Chain Finance 

Touchstone is focusing on providing Supply Chain Finance solutions to enterprises. The strategy involves leveraging strong cash flows of businesses, supporting them in debt restructuring, fulfilling additional capital requirements for global market expansion, and enhancing profitability. Here are the key points of this approach:

  1. Cash Flow Support: Touchstone offers support to enterprises by leveraging their robust cash flows. This assistance could come in the form of working capital loans or other financial products that help businesses maintain liquidity and operational efficiency.

  2. Debt Restructuring: Touchstone aids companies in restructuring their debts. Debt restructuring can involve altering the terms of existing loans to make them more manageable, providing financial relief to the enterprise.

  3. Capital Expansion: Enterprises often require additional capital to expand their operations, especially in the global market. Touchstone provides the necessary financial resources to facilitate this expansion, which could involve entering new markets, launching new products, or scaling existing operations.

  4. Credit Rating Consideration (BBB Plus): Touchstone considers businesses with a credit rating of BBB Plus, indicating a good creditworthiness. By working with these companies, Touchstone ensures that it partners with enterprises that have a certain level of financial stability.

  5. Receivables Management: Supply Chain Finance often involves managing receivables effectively. Touchstone assists clients in managing their accounts receivables efficiently, ensuring a healthy cash flow cycle for the business.

  6. High Profit Margins: By providing Supply Chain Finance, Touchstone helps companies achieve higher profitability. Efficient cash flow management and financial support enable businesses to optimize their operations, leading to increased profits.

  7. Value Leveraging: Touchstone leverages the enhanced value of the supported companies due to improved financial health and expansion. This increased value can be advantageous for both the enterprises and Touchstone.

  8. Stakeholding: Touchstone takes stakes in the supported companies, indicating a long-term partnership approach. By having a stake in these enterprises, Touchstone aligns its interests with the success of the businesses it supports.

  9. Higher Returns on Investment: Touchstone benefits from the higher returns on its investment due to the success of the enterprises it supports. This mutually beneficial arrangement ensures that both Touchstone and the supported companies prosper from their collaboration.

This strategy emphasizes financial stability, expansion, and profitability. It showcases Touchstone's role as a financial partner, assisting businesses in optimizing their operations and achieving sustainable growth.

Digital Portfolios 

Touchstone's digital portfolio, which operates on the Touchstone platform and serves various purposes related to the issuance of digital assets and the support of asset digitization. Here are the key elements of this description:

  1. Digital Portfolios: Touchstone has digital portfolios within its platform. These portfolios may include a range of digital assets, which could be tokens or other forms of digital representations of value.

  2. Gold Token Issuance: Touchstone's digital portfolios can issue Gold Tokens, which likely represent ownership or value linked to physical gold. These tokens may serve as a form of digital gold ownership.

  3. Platform and External Market Settlement: Touchstone's platform is used for internal management of digital assets, but it also extends to external markets for settlement. This suggests that Touchstone may facilitate trading or transfer of digital assets beyond its platform.

  4. Digital Exchange Platform: Touchstone has its own digital exchange platform. This platform is used to issue and support various types of assets in digital form. It's essentially a marketplace for the exchange of digital assets.

  5. Asset Digitization: Touchstone's platform and exchange support the digitization of various assets. This means that traditional assets, such as real estate, stocks, or commodities, can be represented in digital form.

  6. Liquidity Support: The digitization of assets can enhance their liquidity, making it easier for investors to buy, sell, or trade them. This liquidity benefits both asset owners and potential investors.

  7. Fundraising: Touchstone's platform and exchange can be used to raise funds. By digitizing assets and allowing them to be traded or sold digitally, companies or individuals can access capital more efficiently.

  8. Support for Industries: The funds raised through digital asset issuance can be used to support various industries. This could include investments in technology, infrastructure, or any sector that benefits from capital infusion.

Overall, Touchstone's digital portfolio and exchange platform appear to provide a comprehensive ecosystem for asset digitization and trading, offering benefits such as increased liquidity and efficient fundraising for a wide range of industries.

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