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Art & Culture Platform 

Touchstone Culture Platform to promote the global Culture Exchange leverage the harmony of Humanity 

Pictures ( Ancient & Modern)

Touchstone Pictures is leveraging both antique and modern products by collaborating with renowned painters. The platform has entered into agreements with famous artists to create a range of products featuring current and past famous pictures. This initiative not only showcases the artistic talent of these painters but also promotes global culture. By incorporating these images into various products, Touchstone aims to meet the demands of investors while adding a cultural and artistic touch to their offerings. This strategy combines the appeal of both antique and modern aesthetics, creating a unique and marketable product line.


Global Porcelain 

Touchstone Global Porcelain Platform has entered into a strategic partnership with a leading global porcelain group. This collaboration aims to actively participate in the global market, leveraging the exchange of cultural influences and meeting the increasing demands of investors. The initiative seeks to combine the strengths of Touchstone and the global porcelain group, creating a synergy that enhances their presence in the international market and fosters a cross-cultural exchange.. samples of Auction Products 

Global Tea Culture 

Touchstone Global is promoting a tea culture initiative aimed at fostering love and harmony within families. The platform advocates for values such as respect for parents and uses tea as a global symbol of health. This strategy aligns with the growing investor interest in health and wellness. By emphasizing the cultural significance of tea and its positive impact on well-being, Touchstone aims to meet the demands of investors while promoting a lifestyle that values family harmony and health.

Breakfast table
Graffiti Eyes

Touchstone Media

Touchstone Media is directing its attention towards globally renowned individuals involved in movies, TV series, and E-games marketing. The company aims to engage Hollywood and leading global directors and actors in various projects. The focus is on creating content that involves these influential figures, leveraging their popularity to enhance the appeal and success of the media projects. The strategy involves collaboration with top talent to elevate the quality and visibility of Touchstone Media's productions in the highly competitive entertainment industry.

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