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Touchstone Commodity Trading

Touchstone Trading is a company that specializes in engaging with global leading suppliers and buyers to facilitate large-scale commodity trading, particularly in the oil & gas sector and other major commodities. The company serves as an intermediary, connecting sellers and buyers in these industries, fostering trade deals, and enabling the smooth exchange of these valuable resources on an international scale. Touchstone acts as a bridge, facilitating transactions and negotiations between parties involved in the trading of oil & gas and other significant commodities, contributing to the global marketplace and trade ecosystem.

Oil derrick
Oil refinery plant in the evening

Oil & Gas 

Touchstone Trading has established connections with globally renowned suppliers and traders in the oil & gas industry, ensuring access to high-quality resources that meet the requirements of global buyers. They aim to bring together reputable suppliers and buyers on their trading platform for successful future business collaborations. Touchstone seeks to connect with and invite global buyers who are interested in accessing these qualified oil & gas resources through their platform, fostering successful and lucrative business relationships for all involved parties. Their focus lies in creating a space where buyers can find the resources they need while ensuring a reliable and efficient trading process for all stakeholders involved in the oil & gas industry.

Large Commodity Trading

Touchstone Trading is actively involved in large-scale commodity trading and self-projecting to generate substantial quantities of various products including Bauxite, Phosphate, Nickel, Lithium, Copper, Gold, as well as a range of agricultural products.

They focus on connecting with qualified buyers for these commodities. Touchstone acts as an intermediary, bridging the gap between suppliers and buyers in the commodities market. In addition to the minerals and metals mentioned, they also deal in agricultural products. This diversification allows Touchstone to offer a broad spectrum of goods, catering to a wider range of buyer requirements, which may include crops, livestock products, and other agricultural commodities.

By engaging in the sourcing, production, and trade facilitation of these diverse commodities, Touchstone aims to create a platform for buyers seeking these resources for various industrial, manufacturing, and commercial purposes. Their primary goal is to establish successful partnerships between buyers and the ample quantities of commodities they are capable of supplying, both in the realm of minerals/metals and agricultural products.

Trading Floor
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