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Overview Listed Company Funding 

Touchstone is actively working to secure funding for a publicly listed company to bolster its liquidity and implement a forward-looking development strategy. This involves raising capital through both equity and debt finance with the goal of supporting business expansion and enhancing cash flow. The company is focused on fortifying its financial position to seize growth opportunities, whether through acquiring assets, expanding into new markets, or launching new products and services. Ultimately, Touchstone aims to strike a balance between equity and debt financing to ensure sustainable growth and financial stability.

Debt Facilities 

Touchstone is offering loan facilities to listed companies, where the loans are secured by various assets including stock collateral, future business receivables, cash flow, and potential assets. These loans provide a financial lifeline to companies, allowing them to access capital while using their assets as collateral. The loans are based on a combination of existing assets and future income streams, which can be vital for business growth, expansion, or addressing short-term financial needs. Touchstone's lending approach helps businesses leverage their assets to secure the funding required for their strategic initiatives and operational stability.

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