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Touchstone Financial Platforms

Financial Platforms

Touchstone Finance Platform is to be a comprehensive financial platform designed and consolidate partners License  to offer a spectrum of services. Its key components include a fund manager and a wholesale bank , providing a range of financial solutions such as wealth and asset management, investment banking, commercial lending tailored exclusively for significant clients, and debt issuance in the capital market. The platform aims to integrate these services seamlessly to optimize client portfolios, foster investment opportunities, and facilitate strategic capital transactions. Touchstone Finance Platform's strategic focus on big clients, coupled with its diverse offerings, positions it as a versatile and robust player in the financial industry.

Touchstone on Going Launching the 2 fund programmes , all other financial programme will come to stage by 2024 , the details as: 

  1. Bond Platform: This program is designed to support Touchstone's equity funding. Bonds are a common financial instrument used for raising capital, and they can be an attractive option for companies looking to finance their projects.

  2. Cayman Serrated Structure Fund Platform: This platform is focused on supporting project debt funding. The Cayman Islands are a popular offshore financial center, and companies often use Cayman structures for their financing needs.

All of these funding mechanisms are based on existing Touchstone Project Platforms structured and guaranteed project platforms. This approach is designed to pool funding from investors and efficiently allocate it to projects under Touchstone's professional team management. This strategy allows Touchstone to provide a wide range of financing options for projects and may help attract investors with different preferences and risk profiles. If you have specific questions or need more details about any of these programs or how they work, please feel free to ask.


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