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Touchstone Global Token

The Touchstone Token (TT) emerges as a transformative digital asset, harnessing the power of the Touchstone Platform's existing portfolios and cash flows. Anchored in a valuation model incorporating both present and future cash flows, TT is poised to revolutionize global settlements, trading, and supply chain processes. This white paper provides an insightful glimpse into the Touchstone Token ecosystem, outlining its issuance strategy, utilization for various projects, and the substantial leverage it brings to the liquidity of Touchstone's underlying asset investments.

Touchtone Tokens Issuance 

Touchstone is a global platform to work with international regulated token exchange platform  to  Issue and  manages a portfolio of digital assets, which includes Gold tokens, Supply Chain finance tokens, and Asset-backed Tokens. These digital assets are designed to offer a diversified and innovative investment opportunity for its clients. Each type of token serves a unique purpose and has distinct characteristics:


Gold Tokens

These tokens represent ownership or rights to a specific amount of physical gold and Gold Mine backed . Gold tokens are typically backed by actual gold reserves, and their value is often tied to the price of gold in the real world. Investors may choose to hold gold tokens as a way to diversify their investment portfolio, hedge against inflation, or gain exposure to the price movements of this precious metal.

Stock Market Graph

Supply Chain Finance Tokens 

These tokens are often used in supply chain management and finance. They facilitate transactions within the supply chain, providing a transparent and secure way for companies to manage their financial operations. Supply chain finance tokens can help optimize cash flow, reduce financing costs, and enhance transparency within supply chains.

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Asset Backed Tokens 

Asset-backed tokens represent ownership or claims to a range of real-world assets, such as real estate, art, or other tangible assets. These tokens are typically backed by the underlying assets and can be traded or transferred on blockchain platforms. They provide a way for investors to access fractional ownership of traditionally illiquid assets.

Global Token Market 

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