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TCP Ongoing Projects 

The Touchstone-based project involves managing seven platforms within a portfolio to pool funds. The goal is to leverage each platform's cash flow to support both existing and potential projects. Each platform has its own fund manager and industry players to ensure effective management throughout the investment lifecycle – from pre-investment to post-investment and exit. Industry players play a crucial role in overseeing project implementation, ensuring structured deals, and mitigating risks to safeguard investor funds and interests at every stage of the process. The emphasis is on comprehensive management and risk mitigation to maximize returns and protect the overall success of the investment portfolio. each portfolios to be invested Via Hong Kong /UK/Abu Dhabi /Singapore /USA listed company. 


Supply Chain & Mining

The Supply Chain and Mining Project Portfolio involves a collection of projects with a cumulative revenue exceeding 6 billion USD. This includes both existing revenue-generating projects and potential mining ventures that aim to yield a net profit of over 500 million USD. To ensure financial security and protect investor interests, all funding for these projects is guaranteed through insurance wrap, providing an additional layer of risk mitigation. Additionally, credit payment insurance is implemented to safeguard against potential credit-related risks. These risk management strategies are put in place to enhance the overall financial stability of the portfolio and provide assurance to stakeholders involved in the projects.


Oil & Gas Portfolios 

The Touchstone Oil & Gas Portfolios encompass a diversified array of investments and projects within the oil and gas sector. These portfolios strategically cover exploration and production, refining, midstream operations, downstream activities, and consider risk management, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation. With a focus on global market dynamics, compliance, and safety, these portfolios aim to optimize financial performance while navigating the complexities of the oil and gas industry. By incorporating financial management, adherence to regulations, and responsible practices, Touchstone seeks to create resilient and balanced portfolios that deliver returns while mitigating risks in this dynamic and crucial sector.


New Energy Linked Mining Projects 

Touchstone New Energy is actively involved in a variety of mining projects across multiple countries, including Chile, China, Australia, Canada, and Indonesia. Many of these projects are publicly traded on stock exchanges, demonstrating significant development potential. Some of these projects have already transitioned into productive phases, yielding various energy-related products. Collectively. This underscores a robust and diversified portfolio of energy-related assets, with the potential for substantial contributions to the company's growth and overall value.


Agriculture Portfolios

The Touchstone Agriculture Portfolio is undergoing a strategic merger with a prominent agriculture project spanning China and the European Union. This collaboration encompasses upstream activities, supply chain optimization, and central restaurant services targeting office buildings, government facilities, and group meal services. The project is distinguished by robust cash flows and the potential for substantial upgrades in the supply chain business. The combined portfolio is anticipated to generate revenue ranging from 30 billion to 50 billion RMB. This initiative reflects a comprehensive approach, leveraging geographic diversity, supply chain integration, and expanded services to establish a resilient and forward-looking agriculture portfolio with significant revenue potential. Ongoing adaptation to market dynamics is integral to ensuring sustained success and growth.

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