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Touchstone Platforms Overview


 Platforms Video, Click Here

Summary Of Platform-
Touchstone are working with global leading professionals and groups to completing the various business platform in capital market such as United Kingdom, Hong Kong, UAE, USA, Singapore etc. under this business platform to consolidate different industry strong liquidity companies to support their expansion and also strategic development in global market.

Touchstone Capital Partners, in collaboration with global alliance partners, is launching seven industry-specific platforms with a focus on consolidating cash flows from existing, near, and future projects. Each platform targets a minimum funding of 2 Billion USD, secured by receivable cash flows and various financial instruments, including insurance wrap guarantees, government bond strips, and bank guarantees. The outlined platforms span sectors such as Mining & Supply Chain, New Energy, O & G, Agriculture, Healthcare, High Tech, and Culture, aiming to leverage large-scale businesses for optimal returns. The total investment amounts to 14 Billion USD, with 3 Billion secured through special notes and the remaining 11 Billion through the Cayman Fund SPC for strategic and diversified investments. The business plan emphasizes risk management and easy scalability for efficient fund utilization.

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