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Physical Supply Chain Platform

Touchstone in the UAE to create a trading and supply chain platform that will support a global leading liquidity and strong cash flow company in expanding its business in the global market. Touchstone appears to be working on a physical platform that will serve as the foundation for this endeavor.

Creating a trading and supply chain platform can be a strategic move for a company looking to streamline its operations and enhance its presence in the global market. Such platforms can help facilitate trade, improve supply chain efficiency, and optimize cash flow management, ultimately contributing to business growth and success.

Platform Business

Trading based on
Digital Currency at block chain Platform  

Touchstone  is leveraging its internally issued token to facilitate trading within its platform and to address internal business and supply chain financing needs. The use of a proprietary token enables seamless and efficient transactions within the company's ecosystem, streamlining processes related to platform operations and supply chain management. This approach likely enhances transparency, security, and speed of financial transactions, providing a more robust and agile infrastructure for Touchstone Media's internal business operations and supply chain financing.

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