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Touchstone Platforms

The Touchstone platform's economic strategy encompasses six key platforms: Mining, New Energy, Entertainment, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and Agriculture. These platforms are intended to be listed in prominent financial markets including Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, the UAE, and the USA. The overarching goal of this strategy is to provide investors with liquidity and enable them to benefit from their investment returns.   

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Mining Platform

Mining Platform: Focuses on investments related to mining activities, potentially involving various natural resources and minerals.


New Energy Platform

New Energy Platform: Aims to support and invest in the emerging and sustainable energy sector, with a focus on renewable and clean energy sources.

Image by Mike Boening

Entertainment Platform

Entertainment Platform: Involves investments in the entertainment industry, potentially encompassing media, gaming, and other entertainment-related ventures.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Healthcare Platform

Healthcare Platform: Focuses on healthcare-related investments, which can include pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and healthcare services.


Supply Chain Platform

Supply Chain Platform: Addresses investments in supply chain and logistics businesses, aiming to optimize and innovate this critical aspect of various industries.

Green Field

Agriculture Platform

Agriculture Platform: Concentrates on investments in agriculture and related sectors, potentially including farming, agribusiness, and food production.

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