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Digital Asset Investment & Management 

Touchstone employs a strategy where it utilizes its existing assets and liquidity to issue tokens. These tokens are then invested through a fund platform, and the resulting digital assets are listed on the main exchange for sale in the secondary market. Additionally, the tokens may be used for global supply chain and trading investment, managed through blockchain technology.

This approach aligns with the growing trend of utilizing blockchain and tokenization to enhance liquidity, facilitate investment, and streamline global supply chain processes. Tokenization provides a way to represent ownership or value digitally, making assets more divisible, tradable, and accessible.

In summary, Touchstone is leveraging its existing assets to enter the digital token space, connecting with fund platforms, and utilizing blockchain for both investment management and global supply chain activities.

Future Digital Financial World 

The future of the financial world is expected to be increasingly digital, with several trends and developments shaping the landscape. Here are some key aspects of the future financial digital world, more information. 

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