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Touchstone Bond Portfolios 

Under Bond Programme will issue different Bond 

Resources Bond

Touchstone plans to issue a $2.5 billion USD convertible bond with a 5-year maturity and a 7% interest coupon. The principal and interest on this bond will be guaranteed by a 30-year AA+ rated government bond coupon. The funding from this bond issuance is intended for equity investments in the mining platform.

To obtain detailed information about this issuance, including the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), you should reach out to Touchstone's investor relations or finance department. The PPM will provide comprehensive details about the terms and conditions of the bond, including the conversion features, covenants, and any other relevant information for potential investors.

Investors should carefully review the PPM and consider seeking legal or financial advice to ensure a full understanding of the terms and risks associated with this investment. More Info

New Energy Bond

The new energy bond issuance is designed to support the New Energy platform's initiatives, with the funding intended for equity investments in various aspects of the new energy sector. This includes financing the development of key resources such as lithium, vanadium, and nickel mining, as well as investments in storage technology and electric car supply chain finance. These strategic investments are aimed at establishing a robust and sustainable cash flow for the New Energy platform. By funding critical components of the new energy ecosystem, this bond aims to contribute to the growth and viability of the platform's endeavors in the field of renewable and sustainable energy.

Supply Chain Bond

The supply chain finance bond is created to bolster existing strong cash flows and receivables from clients with a stellar AA+ rating. This bond aims to utilize supply chain finance to facilitate trade, bridge loans, and manage significant receivables. By leveraging the group's financial strength and value, the bond's primary purpose is to optimize working capital and ensure smooth financial operations within the supply chain, ultimately benefiting both the company and its clients.

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